Asset Tags for Equipment

Industrial Laser Marking

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Metal Equipment Tags

Trackable identification is a key component for efficiently moving, storing, and retrieving valuable assets. You need markings that won’t fall off, blow away, or get destroyed by dirt, grime, and oils. To ensure traceability for everything from handheld equipment to bulldozers, InfoSight offers identification you can trust for fixed and mobile asset tracking.


  • Transportation
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Rental Equipment

Keep Track of Your Equipment and Operations

You need to be able to accurately label your equipment and parts for quick access to records and immediate knowledge of location and equipment usage. With our heavy-duty laser marking systems, you can create labels on demand without a break in your operations.

Why InfoSight?

We’re identification experts.

We provide smart solutions for complex identification challenges to enable traceability and increase efficiency, accuracy, and safety for your operations.

We have the whole package.

Not only do we provide metal identification tags for nearly any application, we also offer laser printers and automated systems so you can produce, attach, or apply your custom markings on site.

Our products are designed and built to withstand harsh environments.

Our heavy-duty identification solutions are specially designed to operate reliably under extreme conditions and high temperatures, so you can track your products across their lifetime.

Partnering with us comes with peace of mind.

Our equipment comes with lifetime 360º support, unparalleled durability, and a commitment to excellence.
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