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Identification for Life Science Applications

As scientists, the InfoSight team is proud to support the life sciences industry with tracking and traceability solutions for anatomical identification. As specimens are dissected, inspected, treated, and transported all over the world, our identification tags remain intact and readable. After studies are completed, InfoSight’s tags enable researchers to locate all specimens to return to the donor’s family.


  • Academic Institutions
  • Universities
  • Research Facilities

Anatomical Identification Solutions

InfoSight manufactures heavy-duty tags that are abrasion resistant and impervious to most chemicals used in the cleaning, inspection, and preservation of anatomical specimens. We offer anodized aluminum tags that resist corrosion from chemical treatments as well as stainless steel labels for use with high-acid content.

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Our heavy-duty identification solutions are specially designed to operate reliably under extreme conditions and high temperatures, so you can track your products across their lifetime.

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Our equipment comes with lifetime 360º support, unparalleled durability, and a commitment to excellence.
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