Choosing a Barcode to Track In-Process Pipe and Tube Products

OptiCode® Barcodes: a Simple Solution for Ultimate Durability

Simple solutions are often favorable, especially in complex situations. Just ask the busy barista how they feel about making an upside-down caramel macchiato versus serving up a black coffee. Sure, the macchiato may be more fun to drink, but it’s going to slow them down and there are more opportunities for mistakes. The black coffee makes their customer happy sooner, with little room for error.

InfoSight’s OptiCode® system uses a simple 1D barcode that is the pipe & tube manufacturer’s black coffee. It is a durable, spacing based barcode that is readable- even after damage -because of its simplicity.

The barcode contains a Piece Identification Number (PIN) that links back to a database. All relevant information is contained in the database. Data Matrix barcodes, however, are more like the macchiato in that they hold a lot of information within the barcode but are not as reliable when subjected to damage. 

It is important to identify tube and pipes with barcodes that withstand damage because of the processes they endure after production. The OptiCode® system marks pipes and tubes immediately after being cut, ensuring identification throughout the process. The barcode maintains legibility after being subjected to moving, clamping, and straightening during production. Pipes and tubes bang against each other as they’re handled and stored, creating friction wherever the barcode is touching something- whether it’s a roller or another pipe. This creates opportunities for the identification to be damaged 

The OptiCode® system, provided only part of each line on the barcode remains, can withstand almost any damage. With a readable barcode, a plant can track pipes and tubes throughout their process. Check out this video that demonstrates the damage an OptiCode® barcode can sustain and still be readable. 

A North American pipe manufacturer recently updated their process from marking all pipes in a batch with the same batch number to marking each pipe with individual PINs. Previously, this customer used 2D style barcodes because they can carry a lot of information. However, these codes were easily damaged and often unreadable. InfoSight recommended they adopt the OptiCode® system. They now experience over 95% successful read rates. 

The engineer on site recommends the OptiCode® system because, “It’s simple. It’s durable. It works.”

InfoSight understands the importance of tracking products within an operation, and the specific traceability challenges faced by pipe and tube manufacturers. As demand for pipe and tube products increases, manufacturers will be busier than ever. Like the busy barista, they need a simple solution with no room for errors.

OptiCode® is simply the best traceability solution for pipe and tube manufacturers from start to finish.

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