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LabeLase® printers are rugged printers that deliver the efficiency of barcoding and safety of product traceability, especially for heavy industry, product manufacturing and facilities with extreme production conditions.  

LabeLase® Printer Features

  • Speed, clarity, and unsurpassed flexibility
  • Sharp, clear text, barcodes, logos, graphics, and user selectable fonts
  • Desktop size and shop floor models available
  • Print on-command or by network control
  • Batch printing with rewinding capabilities
  • Worldwide 24/7 live technical assistance
  • Industry leading efficiency and value
  • Routinely exceed one million print cycles
  • One Year Warranty & lifetime live 24/7 technical support

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Printer Models Available

Plate Printers:

Vector Printer:



Roughly ten-times faster than our industry leading LL1000, the LL4000 sets a new standard for productivity.  Its speed makes it especially valuable when production lines increase speeds, or when you need more data on your tags.

LabeLase® 30xx Metal Tag Printer

Fully automatic continuous-feed 30-Watt desktop laser printer for metal barcode tags

The InfoSight LabeLase® 30XX Tag Printer is ideal for more data on bigger tags or increased production. 

LabeLase® 1000 Metal Tag Printer

Desktop laser printing system for metal barcode tags. 

The InfoSight LabeLase® 1000 Tag Printer is designed to function like the PC printer you probably already have on your desk, and fits into just as small a space. 

LabeLase® 28xx InfoTag® Laser Printer

Non-contact, Metal Barcode Printing System

The LL28XX marker uses a moving, focused CO2 laser beam to darken the specially coated white surface of metal tags, producing high definition black characters, barcodes, graphics, and logos. 

JM410 Printer

For half of the cost of a comparable marker, the JM410 produces custom barcoded ID tags on demand.

Designed for low volume applications, the JM410 prints tags for Asset Identification or Industrial Marking.

LabeLase® 1000P Plate Marker

LabeLase® 1000P Plate Marker
Desktop Laser-Printing System for Die-Cut Metal Tags

The InfoSight LabeLase® 1000P Plate Marker is the same size as the LabeLase® 1000 Tag Printer with the same capabilities with the added capability to print small die-cut metal tags.  

LL1000V Printer

Prints both Metal Tags and Polyacrylic Labels

The InfoSight LabeLase® V Tag & Label Printer is unique in that it is capable of printing both metal tags and polyacrylic labels.