LabeLase® 40XX

  1. Marks multiple metal tag widths, ranging from 3-inch (76-millimeter) to 4-inch (102-millimeter), and allows for bigger barcodes that can be read at a distance with clear text, barcodes, logos, graphics, and user-selectable fonts.
  2. Up to 10 times faster than our industry-leading LabeLase® 1000, this printer offers multiple laser wattages (60, 80, and 100) and high-speed continuous batch printing from a 300-foot (91-meter) coil or one tag at a time, as needed.
  3. Larger than the LabeLase® 1000 and LabeLase® 30XX, but still able to fit comfortably on a desktop, inside control cabinets and pulpits, or within a stand-alone cabinet.