Innovative identification for harsh environments

Industrial Metal Tags

Identification solutions that withstand extreme industrial environments.

Metal Tag Printers

Industrial grade laser markers for metal tags and polyacrylic labels.

Process Automation

Customized marking machines that can be integrated with hard automation and robots.

Research & Development

Customized solutions for difficult identification problems.


30 years of trustworthy identification

Infosight is a global leader in identification technology. Our specialty lies in creating innovative identification solutions for harsh environments, improving safety outcomes, enabling traceability, and adding value for our customers. Our equipment and machinery include dedicated 360° support, unparalleled durability, and a commitment to excellence. The only thing more impressive than the craftsmanship of our products is the versatility of our team.

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Identification that survives

Extreme<br />


Metal tags withstanding temps as low as -52°F (-47°C) and as high as 1,800°F (982°C).
Extreme Temperatures
Harsh Chemicals


Identification for extreme chemical environments, including industrial pickling.
Harsh Chemicals
Medical Research


Durable biomedical identification solutions for research labs and universities.
Medical Research
UV Exposure


Weather- and abrasion-resistant identification for outdoor environments and applications.
UV Exposure

InfoSight News

Choosing a Barcode to Track In-Process Pipe and Tube Products

Choosing a Barcode to Track In-Process Pipe and Tube Products

Simple solutions are often favorable, especially in complex situations. Just ask the busy barista how they feel about making an upside-down caramel macchiato versus serving up a black coffee. Sure, the macchiato may be more fun to drink, but it’s going to slow them down and there are more opportunities for mistakes. The black coffee makes their customer happy sooner, with little room for error.

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InfoSight is 100% employee-owned. We are prolific inventors, innovators, and skilled fabricators who turn identification into an asset through engineering excellence.

Operation Manager

When new projects are uneventful, that’s when you know they are working well and that is how this project with InfoSight is going.


Central Texas Iron Works Manager

InfoSight barcoded tags are a tool that allows us to keep up with the faster moving manufacturing process. This tool is important to the whole process.