Dr. John A. Robertson, CEO, InfoSight Corporation

Ideally, items that require traceability are marked with a “License Plate Number “ (LPN), which is used as an index into a database. Choosing the correct format for such LPNs can go a long way toward making a marking / reading / data collection system robust.

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By Dave Hudleson
President, InfoSight

They wanted a simple solution to an age-old problem. What they got was a high-tech solution that exceeded expectations and a relationship with a company dedicated to perfecting their product.

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By Edward O'Neal

Until recently, wire rod coil manufacturers have been in a Catch-22 situation when it came to attaching identification to the coils of wire they produced.

Plastic and paper tags had the potential to make the inventory process easier with their ability to hold bar-coded information, virtually eliminating human error as a factor. These tags were able to survive the process of pickling – immersion in heated baths of hydrochloric or Sulfuric acid for periods of up to 90 minutes at a time.

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