The Logo Designer software provides a WYSIWYG interface to create custom logo images for InfoSight’s I-Dent® and InfoDent® line of industrial markers.

  • The following features are available with the Logo Designer software.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 for enhanced stability and functionality
  • Simple point-and-click logo image creation
  • Logo size guides make it easy to design for specific font sizes
  • Create logos up to 32 pixels high by 64 pixels wide (size may be restricted by marker configuration)
  • Interfaces with InfoSight I-Dent® and InfoDent® 8400 markers
  • Download logo images directly to the marker
  • Upload logo images from the marker for editing


Note: This utility is compatible with InfoSight's I-Dent® and InfoDent® line of industrial markers that are based on the ARM CPU:

  • I-Dent® firmware version 3.0 and later
  • InfoDent firmware version 7.0 and later



Download  Approximate size: 450KB


Reference Manual

Download the PDF reference manual



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I-Dent and InfoDent are Registered Trademarks of InfoSight Corporation

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