Sample Pickle Tag

PickleTagTM is intended for applications in the metal rod and wire processing industry.  It is resistant to heat, chemical, and environmental exposure present in metal rod and wiring processing. 




  • Barcodes and text are readable after hot acid baths.
  • Reduced handling for greater productivity and worker safety.
  • Readable text and barcodes before and after pickling.
  • Design tags to include alphanumeric characters, 1D and 2D barcodes, and logos & graphics with the user friendly LabeLase® ProducerTM Software.
  • Print on InfoSight LabeLase® Printers. 
  • Pre-printed tags are available.
  • Various tag attachment techniques are available. 


Download the PickleTag™ brochure here






Metal rod and wire processing

Typical          Customer

Rod mills; Wire mills: Wire processing plants;

Fabricators; Anodizers; Metals service providers


Tracking finished and unfinished work pieces through a metal pickling process


Heat:  1000°F (538°C) for 2 hours


Chemical:  180°F (82°C) in 20 H2SO4 for 2 hours;

100°F (38°C) in 24% HCL for 2 hours


Abrasion:  Moderate


Ultraviolet:  Highly resistant to sunlight and fading


Width: 3.0 in (76 mm)                                                          Lengths: to customer specification, not less than 1.0 in (25 mm)

Typical Lengths: 3.0 in (76mm), 4.0 in (102mm),

5.0 in (127mm)


Metal with high contrast laser-markable coatings

Available Forms

Print on-site with one of InfoSight’s durable, laser metal tag printers or pre-printed by InfoSight



Standard white, colors by special order



Technical specifications subject to change.

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LabeLase is a registered trademark of InfoSight.