FoamTag™ Labels for Castings and Rough Cast Surfaces

Labels which may be applied to cast surfaces!!

FoamTag™ labels consist of a laser markable stainless metal tag and a foam adhesive that conforms and adheres aggressively to rough surfaces such as castings.

In a typical application, the FoamTag™ labels are provided on a peel off strip backing and are marked with downloaded or operator entered data using the low cost LabeLase® 1000 laser printer.

A unique feature of the FoamTag™ is its ability to be amended downstream by a second CO2 laser marker. This facilitates cradle to grave traceability.

For example, the tag shown to the left could have been applied in a casting foundry with only the “License Plate” number “12345682” imaged there (code 128 in this example). Upon arrival at the machining center, the actual goal part number and other unique data can be added using a second laser marking (a 2D DataMatrix code representing “1A2BC34D5K” in this example).


  • Adheres robustly to rough surfaces
  • Survives oils and water based machining fluids
  • May be amended with additional laser markings after application
  • Survives 300oF (149oC). Temperatures
  • Produces high contrast barcodes suitable for inexpensive standard readers

 Download the FoamTagTM brochure here.  

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

FoamTag is a trademark and LabeLase is a registered trademark of InfoSight Corporation