Automatic or Manual Welding Attachment

InfoTag® Specifications 
Industry Industrial manufacturing, distribution
Typical Customer  Harsh environments: more durable than paper or plastic 
Purpose  Rugged bar code -ready identification - will not tear or detach during handling, processing and shipping 
Resistance  Heat: 1800°F (1000°C) to cool down
 Chemical: Resistant to common solvents
Abrasion: Moderate
Ultraviolet: Highly resistant to sunlight and fading
Sizes  Width: 3 in. (76 mm) and 4 in. (101mm)
Length: to customer specifications not less than 1 in. (25 mm) 
Typical Size  4 in. X 10 in. (101 mm X 254 mm) 
Composition  Metal with high contrast laser-markable coatings 
Available Forms Print on-site with one of InfoSight’s durable, laser metal tag printers or pre-printed by InfoSight
Available Colors Standard white - colors available

Manual or Automatic Weldable Tags

These tags are attached to a wide variety of products. They help prevent mixed batches and lost product with easy to read, unique piece-marks, location identifiers, bar codes and other must-have identifiers. This unique InfoTag® metal tag is bare-edged allowing the tags to be welded to the product.

  • Permits error-free product movement through the next process, the next warehouse, the laydown yard, to third party vendors or to customers.
  • Capability to print text, bar codes, logos and other images using InfoSight metal tag printers.
  • State-of-the-art CO2 laser marking technology.
  • This laser markable tag is designed for visual superiority and mark survival after attachment to 1800°F (1000°C) to cool down.

Utilize welding methods to attach tags to steel for permanence.

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