Pic-Anneal® Metal Tag

Resistant to Pickling, Annealing, High Temperatures, Weather and Chemicals

The Pic-Anneal® specialty metal tag was developed for use as a barcode/tracking tag to withstand the rigors of pickling and/or annealing processes as well as high temperatures, weather and chemicals. Barcode information is imaged on the tag with the InfoTag® Laser Marker or one of our other laser tag printers. 

The tag is coated on both sides of .008" (.203 mm) thick 430 stainless steel.  It is standard in coils 3" (76.2 mm) in width by 300' (91.44 m) in length. The tag material is available nicked and notched in lengths from 1" (25 mm) to 24.0" (609.6 mm) for easy break-off after laser imaging. Tags may also be hole-punched or slotted for attachment to the product.




  • Pickle and Anneal - one tag for the whole process
  • Chemical Resistance: 
    • Sulfuric Acid: 20% H2SO4 at 180oF (82oC) for 2 hours
    • Hydrochloric Acid: 24% HCl at 100oF (38oC) for 2 hours
  • Heat Resistance:
    • 1800oF (822oC) for 2 hours 
    • 1400oF (760oC) for 48 hours
  • Identify before processing and the identification remains intact after descaling acid baths and extended annealing cycles
  • Once and done identification increases productivity by reducing handling and minimizing downstream errors

Download the Pic-Anneal® brochure here.

Two white papers about Pic-Anneal® metal tag applications are available:

"Catch 22 the Ivaco Solution
by Ed O'Neal, Laser Products Manager, InfoSight Corporation

"Solutions to Identification
by Dave Hudelson, President, InfoSight Corporation

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