INFOTAG® Metal Tags

INFOTAG® Metal Tags

High temperature tags are .008" (.2 mm) thick using 430 series stainless steel.  High temperature tags may be affixed to products up to 1800°F (1000°C.)

Medium temperature tags are .008" (.2 mm) thick and can have one or two holes for manually attaching tags to product.  Medium temperature tags may be affixed to products up to 900°F (482°C.)

The tag widths for InfoTag® metal tags are 3" (76 mm) or 4" (102 mm.)  The tag lengths range from .375" (9.5 mm) to 24" (610 mm.)  The tags can have text, logos and multiple barcodes printed on them.

InfoSight Corporation's InfoTag® metal tags can be manually fastened to the hot product by nailing, wiring or welding.

InfoSight Corporation manufactures a high reliability on-site laser bar code printer for InfoTag® metal tags.  Software for the InfoTag layout is available free to download off of our website.  The tag's text and bar code data may be downloaded from a host computer or sequenced automatically after keyboard entry of heat data.

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

InfoTag is a registered trademark of InfoSight Corporation