Embed-a-Tag™ Concrete Casting ID Tags

Embed-a-Tag™ attaches flush to poured concrete castings. Man-readable text and machine-readable bar codes identify panels through curing, coating, yard stacking, then on to shipping and installation.

Text and bar codes can identify cast, job and section numbers. They make for error free transportation and on-site assembly.

  • Tag mounts flush to top, facings or edges.
  • Use adhesive to hold tag on form during pour or insert manually into wet concrete; curing permanently attaches the tag to the casting.
  • Tag withstands rain, washing, rust, and temperatures up to 1000°F.
  • Tear resistant; won’t fade in sunlight.


Read this case study about Embed-A-Tag™ for pre-cast concrete applications:  Finfrock tags InfoSight for product identification and tracking.

Download the Embed-A-Tag Brochure here.
Industry Precast/pre-stressed concrete
Typical Customer Precast concrete plants
Purpose Durable, weather proof identification for flush mounting on top or edges of precast concrete members
Resistance Heat: 1000°F (538°C)
Chemical: Highly rust resistant; Moderate resistance to common chemicals
Abrasion: Moderate
Ultraviolet: Highly resistant to sunlight and fading
Sizes Width: 3.0 in (76 mm)
Lengths: to customer specification, not less than 1.0 in (25 mm)
Typical Length: 6.0 in (152 mm)
Composition Metal with high contrast laser-markable coatings
Available Forms Preprinted by InfoSight or print on-site with one of InfoSight's durable, laser metal tag printers
Available Colors White, colors by special order


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Embed-a-Tag is a trademark of InfoSight corporation