INFOTAG® Metal Tags

InfoSight Corporation's InfoTag® metal tags can be manually fastened to the hot product by nailing, wiring or welding.

InfoSight Corporation manufactures a high reliability on-site laser bar code printer for InfoTag® metal tags.  Software for the InfoTag layout is available free to download off of our website.  The tag's text and bar code data may be downloaded from a host computer or sequenced automatically after keyboard entry of heat data.

InfoSight Corporation's InfoTag® high-temperature metal tags can be manually fastened to the hot product by nailing, wiring or welding.

Preprinted metal tags

All of InfoSight’s durable metal tags are available as print-to-order tags. 

LDAR Tags - Leak Detection and Repair

InfoSight LDAR Tags offer a flexible, cost-effective way of meeting the EPA’s Leak Detection and Repair requirements. Combined with on-demand printing and immediate tagging, InfoSight’s tags simplify LDAR tagging and updating.

Bare Edge Weldable Tag

These tags help prevent mixed batches and lost product with easy to read, unique piece-marks, location identifiers, bar codes and other must-have identifiers.

CA-Tag™ Forge and Foundry Tag

The only tag for traceability in oxygen-free and controlled atmosphere furnaces.

Galvanizing Tags for Flat-Bar Grate Fabricators

InfoSight has created a special version of its KettleTag®Plus tag specifically to identify metal grates through galvanizing and installation.

Identification for Anatomical Specimens

LS-Tag™ is the superior choice for anatomical specimens that are exposed to formalin and glutaraldehyde for long periods, as well as chemicals and organic cleansers.

INFO-TINT™ Colored Metal Tags

InfoSight Corporation announces their new INFO-TINT™ colored high temperature metal tags. The INFO-TINT™ tag was developed to display automated barcode and tracking information on tags which can color flag product types and disposition. They can withstand the rigors of high temperatures and other harsh environments.