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InfoSight Metal Tags

InfoSight Corporation is a world leader in identity systems for harsh industrial environments and extreme processes. Our specialty is barcode-ready metal tags designed to survive where identity, tracking and traceability cannot fail.

Sold worldwide, InfoSight offers special purpose ID tags to industries as diverse as aluminum and steel producers, metal and pipe fabricators, galvanizers, steel erectors, auto manufacturers and their Tier-1 vendors, glass-making, timber, facilities management, tire & rubber, and life sciences.

InfoSight has developed or offers a metal tag or label for every application where paper or plastic labels will not survive.  


Using InfoSight Tags



Asset Inventory Control Industrial MRO & LDAR Industrial Equipment Manufacturing


Steel Mills, Forging,  Wire & Rod Processing, Aluminum Mills

Fabricators & Galvanizers Forging Concrete & Construction Extreme Applications Specialty Versions
PermaLabel® PermaLabel® PermaLabel® InfoTag® Family KettleTag®PLUS X-Tag™ Embed-A-Tag™ CodeTag™
Polyacrylic Labels ToughTag® Polyacrylic Labels PicAnneal® ShotTag™ CA-Tag™ ToughTag™ InfoFusion™ SR Die-Cut Tags
SSL-Tag™ Polyacrylic Labels ToughTag® X-Tag™ PaintTag™ InfoTag® Family PermaLabel®


(Life Science)

VI™ Family

(Visual Indicator)


LDAR TwinTags™

SSL-Tag™ CA-Tag™ PowderCoat™ Tag PicAnneal®     Print-To-Order
  LubeTag™ FoamTag™ AlumaTag™ GrateTag™    

PermaLabel® Family

PermaLabel®, PermaLabel®VI™, PermaFlex™

      Bare Edge Weldable Tag           



Preprinted metal tags

All of InfoSight’s durable metal tags are available as print-to-order tags. 

INFOTAG® Metal Tags

InfoSight Corporation's InfoTag® metal tags can be manually fastened to the hot product by nailing, wiring or welding.

InfoSight Corporation manufactures a high reliability on-site laser bar code printer for InfoTag® metal tags.  Software for the InfoTag layout is available free to download off of our website.  The tag's text and bar code data may be downloaded from a host computer or sequenced automatically after keyboard entry of heat data.

InfoSight Corporation's InfoTag® high-temperature metal tags can be manually fastened to the hot product by nailing, wiring or welding.

Pic-Anneal® Metal Tag

Resistant to Pickling, Annealing, High Temperatures, Weather and Chemicals

The PIC-ANNEAL® specialty metal tag was developed for use as a barcode/tracking tag to withstand the rigors of pickling and/or annealing processes as well as high temperatures, weather and chemicals. Barcode information is imaged on the tag with the InfoTag® Laser Marker or one of our other laser tag printers.

Sample PickleTag

PickleTagTM is intended for applications in the metal rod and wire processing industry.  It is resistant to heat, chemical, and environmental exposure present in metal rod and wiring processing. 

Image of Band Tag

Band tags are a specific design of tag intended to be attached to a coil of product that is bound by a band.  The tag slides through the band and is therefore held close to the product.  It does not dangle or hang loose.  InfoTag® Hi Temp and Pic-Anneal® Tags are available as Band Tags, because they stand up to high temperatures and other exposures during rod and wire processing. 

Bare Edge Weldable Tag

These tags help prevent mixed batches and lost product with easy to read, unique piece-marks, location identifiers, bar codes and other must-have identifiers.

INFO-TINT™ Colored Metal Tags

InfoSight Corporation announces their new INFO-TINT™ colored high temperature metal tags. The INFO-TINT™ tag was developed to display automated barcode and tracking information on tags which can color flag product types and disposition. They can withstand the rigors of high temperatures and other harsh environments.

KettleTag®PLUS Metal Tags for Fabricators and Galvanizers

The Only Galvanizing Tags with Text and Barcodes that Survive The Entire Galvanizing Process

The American Galvanizer’s Association lists 9 steps in the hot dip galvanizing process. Since 2001, our KettleTag®PLUS has been surviving them all.