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Layout Preferences Form

Layout Preferences Form

There are certain settings that you can change to configure the program to your individual preferences.   When accessed from the Layout Editor, the Preferences dialog has two tabs, allowing you to set preferences for the Display and for the Format Toolbar.


Display Tab

Display - The display preferences allow you to change the settings for certain display characteristics.

Grid Size - This field specifies the spacing of the placement grid. If this number is set too small, the grid will not be displayed.

Enable Pointer Cross Hairs - This checkbox enables the display of the pointer crosshairs. The crosshairs follow the mouse movement and make it easier to position the fields.

Don't show the New Layout Dialog - New in Version 1.30, this checkbox disables the display of the "New" layout dialog. When checked, selecting "New" from the main form or the layout designer will use your previous choice for how you want to create a new layout.

Show hidden fields on main screen - When checked, hidden fields are shown on the main screen tag image..

Show vector fields on main screen - When checked, vector fields are shown on the main screen tag image..


Format Toolbar Tab

Format Toolbar - The format toolbar preferences allow you to set the default values for the settings on the Format Toolbar.

Text - You may set the text’s default font, size and style.

Barcodes - You may set the barcode’s default symbology, height and (in Version 1.30 and later) the scale.

Vector Fields - Set the default clip size, tab size and density for new vector fields.

All Fields - You may set the default rotation angle for all types of fields.



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