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Operator Data Entry Form

Operator Data Entry Form

The Operator Data Entry dialog allows you to specify the data fields and prompts that the operator can access during tag printing operations. This dialog is only accessible from the Tag Layout Editor.

With this dialog, you can enable an unlimited number of operator entry fields in the Producer program.

Each operator entry field allows the tag printer operator to enter a piece of information that can be included on the tag when it is printed. Operator entry fields are specified with the following information:

Prompt - This field is a text prompt to inform the operator as to the type of data to enter.

Verify - This field allows the tag designer to constrain the operator’s input. By entering a verification specification, the designer can allow only certain characters in certain places. 

Valid characters in the verification specification are:

# - any numeric character 0-9.
$ - any alphabetic character A-Z, a-z.
? - any valid printable ASCII character.
* - any string of 0 or more characters.
[ ] - denotes a list of characters, any one of which 
is a valid match for the next character.

Sample Data - This field allows the tag designer to place sample data into the field for testing the layout. This sample data is not used when actually printing the tags.

In addition to these generic operator-entry fields, this window also allows you to enable editing of the auto-serialization fields. Check boxes are provided to enable entry of the Quantity Required, Copy Count, Serial Number, Lower Limit, Upper Limit and Increment. Also, the prompts for these fields are editable.

Erase Operator Fields After Print - This checkbox allows you to clear the operator entered data after each tag is printed.   This may be useful in situations where you must ensure that the same data is never printed twice on a tag.

To make the settings of the prompt fields (Qty, Copies, S/N, Upper and Lower) become the defaults for future new layouts, check the Make these Settings the Default checkbox.


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