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Identifying products in the metals industry is InfoSight’s specialty.  We understand the complexities and importance of identifying various products that may all look the same.  InfoTag® was introduced to identify products and pieces at high temperatures and maintain a readable barcode.  Since then, InfoSight has expanded our capabilities to identify products in a wide variety of harsh environments.  


InfoSight Metal Barcode Tags can have custom messages – including alphanumeric characters, graphics & logos, and 1D & 2D barcodes – printed on demand with one of InfoSight’s LabeLase® Printers

Infosight Metal Barcode Tags can be ordered preprinted by InfoSight with the same custom messages described above.  Learn more about Print-to-Order Tags here.  


InfoTag® Family

  • InfoTag® – InfoSight’s original durable high temperature tag (up to 1800oF/980oC) 
  • InfoTintTM – Visual Indicator hi temp  to color code your identification
  • InfoStripeTM – Visual Indicator, offers flexibility for identification systems  


Pickling and Annealing Tags

  • PickleTagTM – For applications in metal rod and wire processing – resistant to 1000oF (540oC) pickling acids, abrasion, UV 
  • PicAnneal® – One tag for the whole pickling/annealing process  
  • X-TagTM – The only tag for traceability in atmospheric annealing ovens and cycles of long, high heat
  • CA-TagTM – The only tag for traceability in oxygen-free and controlled atmosphere furnaces



  • High temperature aluminum barcode tag designed for aluminum ingots, billets, and logs
  • Fasten to the hot product by nailing, wiring, stud welding, etc
  • Embed directly into ingot, billets, and logs
  • Attach to finished aluminum products