Forging operations require steel or other metal pieces to be identified in various manners: 

  • Billets, ingots – identified individually with nailed or welded tags.
  • Blanks and Shaped pieces – identified in batches by tagging bins with wire tied tags.

These pieces can be quenched, annealed, cooled, reheated for long periods, or chemically treated to achieve the desired strength properties.  All these processes can be destructive to identification tags.  InfoSight developed tags specifically for these processes.     

InfoSight Metal Barcode Tags can have custom messages – including alphanumeric characters, graphics & logos, and 1D & 2D barcodes – printed on demand with one of InfoSight’s LabeLase® Printers.  

Infosight Metal Barcode Tags can be ordered preprinted by InfoSight with the same custom messages described above.  Learn more about Print-to-Order Tags here.  

 X-TagTM – The only tag for traceability in atmospheric annealing ovens and cycles of long, high heat

CA-TagTM – The only tag for traceability in oxygen-free and controlled atmosphere furnaces

InfoTag® Family – InfoSight’s original durable tag

  • InfoTag® High Temperature
  • InfoTag® Medium Temperature
  • InfoTintTM & InfoStripeTM

PicAnneal® – One tag for the whole pickling/annealing process