Galvanizing Bath

Metals Fabrication & Galvanizing

  • Fabricators
  • Galvanizers
  • Tubes & Pipes


Fabricating & Galvanizing involve a lot of moving pieces that are easily misplaced.  Tracking pieces from their initial form through to the end use can be difficult as labels are sometimes removed or destroyed during galvanizing or painting.  InfoSight’s metal tags are specifically designed to be applied once and have the tag and barcode survive all processing – so the right piece gets to the right place at the right time.  


InfoSight Metal Barcode Tags can have custom messages – including alphanumeric characters, graphics & logos, and 1D & 2D barcodes – printed on demand with one of InfoSight’s LabeLase® Printers.  

Infosight Metal Barcode Tags can be ordered preprinted by InfoSight with the same custom messages described above.  Learn more about Print-to-Order Tags here. 


KettleTag® PLUS – One tag that survives all nine steps of the galvanizing process as defined by the American Galvanizers Association 


ShotTagTM – Identify pieces through acid baths, blasting, painting, and powder coating  


PaintTagTM - For tracking work pieces through acid prep and painting operations 


GrateTagTM – Designed for welding tag to grate prior to galvanizing with a special attachment process that insures the surface behind the tag is exposed to the zinc bath 


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