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Asset Inventory Control

For Applications in the following Industries:

  • Government
  • Education
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories

 Identification Tags are used on a variety of assets:

  • Mobile Digital Devices such as laptops and Chromebooks
  • Mobile Medical Carts
  • Industrial Kitchen Equipment
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Vehicles

 Everyday activity can destroy common inventory asset tags: 

  • Bumps, abrasion, wear & tear
  • Power washing & sanitizing
  • Weather exposure – UV rays, rain, wind


InfoSight Metal Barcode Tags are designed to be durable and maintain a readable message no matter what they encounter. 


InfoSight Metal Barcode Tags can have custom messages – including alphanumeric characters, graphics & logos, and 1D & 2D barcodes – printed on demand with one of InfoSight’s LabeLase® Printers.  


Infosight Metal Barcode Tags can be ordered preprinted by InfoSight with the same custom messages described above.  Learn more about Print-to-Order Tags here. 




 PermaLabel® Family

  •  PermaLabel®– Scratch proof, impervious to liquids & cleaners
  •  PermaLabel® VI – Visual Indicator Tag available in a variety of colors
  •  PermaFlexTM – Permanent identification for curved assets


Polyacrylic Labels

  •  Tamper resistant peel and stick convenience
  •  Custom shapes and sizes
  •  Several colors to choose from



  •  Ideal low-cost barcoded identification solution for industrial equipment
  •  For assets that spend a lifetime outside
  •  Impervious to sun, salt, rain, most oils and greases



  •  Stainless Steel Tags
  •  Excellent solution for finished goods
  •  Resistant to common solvents, cleaners, and outdoor exposure


InfoTag® Family

  •  InfoTag® – InfoSight’s original durable tag
  •  InfoTintTM – Visual Indicator to color code your identification
  •  InfoStripeTM – Visual Indicator, offers flexibility for identification systems 


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