Embed-a-Tag in precast concrete

Conner Sampson, an InfoSight Sales Specialist, says “They seem to do a great job of keeping attendees engaged and active. The show floor always seems to be crawling with people.” He was speaking about his recent experience at The Precast Show in Kansas City, MO.

InfoSight is known to provide identification and traceability solutions to a wide range of harsh environments and is bringing that expertise to the precast concrete industry. InfoSight first attended The Precast Show in 2019. We learned that we could bring a value-added service to precast concrete producers by providing automated and barcoded identification solutions. Conner’s observation of the atmosphere at the show is one of the reasons InfoSight finds it so valuable – we can connect with many current and potential customers to learn about what they need from us.

As an example, we have found that our Embed-A-Tag™ is a great solution for some precast applications. This tag is embedded during casting, and it becomes a permanent part of the concrete product. Other applications require a more innovative solution to attaching the tag, so we are now developing options for them.

All the InfoSight representatives who attended the show agreed on the value of connecting with customers. Brian Schlatterbeck says his favorite part of the show was being recognized by potential customers. Jeff Good adds, “Our products are gaining traction in the industry,” indicating that the value of automatically creating barcoded tags is recognized by concrete producers. Conner adds to this, “With the current labor shortage, printing a batch of tags at the click of a button has never sounded better.”
Identification has always been important. Traceability is now critical and expected. Customers expect manufacturers to have all critical information about any product at their fingertips. InfoSight demonstrated how our durable tags and LabeLase® Printers bring this capability to the precast concrete industry at the Precast Show. We’re looking forward to participating in The Precast Show 2023 in Columbus, OH.