“Everything we do as a company started with a customer that had unique problem that no one else could solve,” says InfoSight President Dave Hudelson.   There isn’t a better way to express InfoSight’s dedication to innovation and to our customers.  This dedication and the way we operate are what set us apart from our competitors

InfoSight is a 100% employee-owned company that provides identification and engineering solutions to industrial and other commercial customers.  Our standard products including an ever-growing line of durable laser printers for laser markable metal tags and histology consumables that provide identification and tracking solutions for extreme conditions. We also have a custom engineering and automation group that designs and builds automated marking machines and provide other custom engineering services.  

Being 100% employee-owned is very important to us at InfoSight.  Every employee is invested in making the right decision for our customers.   The goals we set are important to InfoSight and to our customers.  There is no investment firm or big conglomerate influencing any decisions or policies.  We are always able to put our customers first.  

Innovation is in our DNA.  Most new developments are the result of a customer asking us to solve a problem that no one else was able to solve.  Some of these innovations are wide reaching and can help a lot of customers – like tags that survive temperatures greater than 1800oF (1000oC), or tags that survive the galvanizing process with the message intact.  Others have a much smaller markets like identifying tubular goods that go through reheat furnaces and must have a barcode that is readable from 100 ft (30m) away.  The point is, if a customer has a need, InfoSight has the capability and eagerness to provide a solution.  

Our customers can be confident in choosing InfoSight because we own the solution from start to finish.  We are a vertically integrated company, meaning  we control virtually every step of the process inside our own four walls.  We have a Research and Development group that finds initial solutions.  Our engineering team includes mechanical and electrical engineers who design and are closely involved in the entire build process for each machine.  Fabricators, electricians, and technicians make, assemble, and test our products and machines.  Our Field Technical Service provides long lasting support for both custom and standard products.  When a customer turns to InfoSight, they know there is one point of accountability. 

We take that responsibility seriously, and it doesn’t end when the product or machine leaves our door.  For example, InfoSight introduced automatic barcode identification to steel mills in the 1990's.  One of our first machines is still going strong nearly 30 years later, but with the rapid pace of technological change, certain electrical control components have become obsolete. Mechanically, the marking machine still performs exceptionally well, so when the customer approached us for help in further extending its useful life, our engineers went to work.  The result is a drop-in modern electronics package that will seamlessly integrate with this machine to allow it to run decades to come.  

InfoSight grew from an innovative startup to a reliable and stable company over the last 30 years.  Buzz words like differentiate, vertical integration, and innovation can ring hollow unless there is authenticity behind them.  Time after time, InfoSight has proven to be reliable problem-solvers that support our products for our customers.  These are not empty words at InfoSight.  They are values that are key to our success.