InfoSight has a lot of experience building automated equipment that marks on tubes and pipes.  There are quite a few things to consider when marking on tubes and pipes, but durability of the mark and the readability of the mark are two of the most important.  

Tubes and pipes take a beating from the moment they are formed throughout their entire life.  One of the first things that happens is straightening, which will distort any mark that is already applied.  Stacking these products creates opportunities for bumping and banging the pipes together to further damage a mark.  Depending on the type of tube or pipe and its end use, InfoSight has several marking technologies that address these issues.  

Spray marking systems, whether our own I-Dent® system for hot products or an OEM Drop on Demand (DOD) system for cold products are good options to apply InfoSight's OptiCode® Barcode to the outside of tubes and pipes.  OptiCode® is a robust barcode designed to operate as a Piece Identification Number (PIN) that then accesses a database for more complete information.  The simplicity and design of the barcode and the accompanying OptiCode® Readers allow for the barcode to remain readable after some distortion from straightening and after damage from blunt force.  

OptiCode® barcode with Serial Number


InfoDent® 8400 stamp marking systems are also ideal for marking tubes and pipes.  These systems can stamp on the outside diameter of the products and on the ends of tubes and pipes.  The InfoDent®8400 software allows the system to mark in an arc pattern to follow the curve of the pipe.  This means every pipe in a stack can be identified from the end of the stack.  

InfoDent® 8400 True Arc Stamp


Inside Diameter Laser Marking Systems (IDLMS) mark the inside of pipes, which also allow all pipes in a stack to be identified from the end of the stack.  This process includes applying a white patch inside the end of the pipe and marking it with a LabeLase® Laser Marker.  Often, a protective clear coat is applied, to provide further protection to the mark.  

Pipe with IDLMS Mark


When it comes to marking tubes and pipes, InfoSight's experience and expertise is a valuable asset to our customers.  We know how important identification and traceability are in manufacturing, industrial, and infrastructure applications, which is why "We barcode difficult stuff."