Innovation is something a lot of businesses like to talk about.  It brings to mind fascinating, new technology that will change the world.  When I looked up the definition, there are two entries.  The second is to introduce something new, especially a product.  But the first entry defines “innovate” as to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.  So, while innovate may bring revolution to mind, evolution may be a better way to think about it.  

At InfoSight, we have history of both the revolutionary kind of innovation and the evolutionary kind.  Our first tag, the High Temperature InfoTag® was certainly revolutionary – a tag that could be put on hot – over 1000oF – steel and survive with the message intact.  After that, the evolutionary innovation took hold, and we adapted the tag to develop new tags for new harsh environments.  Now, we have over 20 different tags available for every imaginable application.  

InfoSight’s engineering and automation group also displays an innovative work ethic.  There are several basic marking technologies that are integrated into automated equipment, depending on the desired mark – stamped, stenciled, laser marked, etc.  The automated equipment is ever evolving – each machine is custom designed and built to meet a customer’s specific needs.  The customer’s requirements may drive a design change – restricted space, required cycle time, etc.  Each machine presents new opportunities to learn.  Overcoming an operational issue at one location often leads to permanent design changes in future equipment.  

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.  We put every effort into helping our customers identify and track their assets and products, no matter the environment.  InfoSight’s customer focus is the foundation for our innovation.