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In your industry, identification is everything. You need solutions that can be applied at 1000°C (1800°F). That can survive the heat of annealing or pickling in baths of Hydrochloric or Sulfuric Acid. In addition, you need solutions that are easy to read and easy to scan for inventory control. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF INFOSIGHT.

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AlumaTag™ Brochure

Tracking Aluminum Cast and Heat Numbers

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Proven Method of Identifying and Tracking Specimens for Anatomical Donation Programs

InfoSight Tags are a Proven Method of Identifying and Tracking Specimens for Anatomical Donation Programs.

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Band Tag

InfoTag® Hi-Temp and Pic-Anneal® Tags are available as Band Tags. Long slots are cut into the ends of the tag to thread a band through. When tags are attached in this manner, they remain flush against the product.

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Bare Edge Weldable Tag Brochure

This unique InfoTag® metal tag is bare-edged allowing the tags to be welded to the product.

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CA-Tag™ Brochure

Traceability in Oxygen Free and Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces

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CodeTags™ Brochure

Unique ‘License Plate’ Tags for Special Applications

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Compliance Brochure

When it comes to labeling in harsh environments, InfoSight surpasses other manufacturers by implementing the widest range of solutions for your enterprise needs. Whether it is resistance to high temperatures, high abrasion, chemical or tamper resistance InfoSight has a solution.

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Die Cut Tags

InfoSight Tags are intended to identify important assets and products of any shape and size. Some applications require a very specific tag size. Die-cut tags, along with carrier trays for the printers, are available for these applications.

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