Weigh Measure Stencil System

InfoSight Corporation designs and builds fully-automated industrial WMS solutions for “in line conveyor” or “later transfer” Tube/Pipe handling geometry.  Equipment is custom designed to match product length / diameter range.

The WMS software controls the operation and interface of the InfoSight WMS system with the machine’s automation system and the operator personnel.  The software coordinates the operation of the machine/PLC, the pipe length measuring, weigh scale, and the stencil printer subsystems.  The WMS software performs the tasks needed to process API pipe including weight tolerance, length range checks, pipe production tally reporting, and data archiving.

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Features - automatic subsystems

  • Weight measurement (English or Metric units)
  • Length measurement (English or Metric units)
  • Weight calculation (industrial load cells mounted to common static weigh bridge or weight capture “on-the-fly” with roll-down table)
  • Length calculation (series of “away” sensors/home sensor/air or hydraulic pusher cylinder or laser sensors arrayed or mounted to auto-positioning mechanism)
  • Length-to-weight tolerance checking based on allowable programmable ± tolerances (requires both length and weight subsystems)
  • Length range verification
  • Length subsystem accommodates API length end adjustment factor for correction of length and weight calculations for coupled pipe
  • Color-banding (separate station with spin rolls)
  • Stenciling using dot-matrix I-Dent® Spray Marking System technology or OEM large character Drop-on-demand (DOD) stencil marking equipment
  • Stamping using dot-matrix InfoDent® Marking System technology
  • Pipe stenciling and stamping messages can be switched from GOOD to REJECT message buffers when a reject pipe arrives at the marking station or upon tolerance or length range error detection
  • GOOD / REJECT output at pipe drop-off can be used by user controls for pipe routing to bins
  • All checking / REJECT operations enable auto-marking of REJECT message for REJECT condition
  • Production record report printout lists a pipe-by-pipe report with time, date, piece number, length, weight, pipe condition, weight/foot and stencil/stamp message buffer number
  • Tally report printout totalizes pipe length and weight for GOOD and REJECT pipe.  Custom report formats are available
  • Current Messages displayed for both Stencil and Stamp
  • End treatment (couplings, end protectors) – automatic weight and length adjustment possible to include
  • Automatic joint numbering is possible
  • In-line systems are designed to fit into an “in-line” pipe conveyor system.  Stencil system can mark tubes travelling at a maximum speed of 400ft/min.
  • Lateral transfer systems are designed to receive a pipe at a “pick-up” station, and then process the pipe laterally through length, weight, color-band, stencil and stamp operations, and then discharge the pipe to a “drop-off” station.  Lateral Transfer Methods include:
    • Air or hydraulic driven paddle systems
    • Motor drive walking beam


Length Accuracy ± 0.1 ft (± 30.5mm) is API standard
Weight Accuracy ± 1 lb (± 0.45 kg) is API standard
Weight Tolerance Window API default is + 6.5% / -3.5% (programmable)
Color Banding 3 stripe system with 5 color supply, plug-in selectable.  Other configurations (# of nozzles / # of colors) are available
Stencil Message Data 158 - 1.25" (32mm) characters, including length and weight.  API and UF logos can be marked.  Customer logo can be programmed in dot matrix form.
Stamp Message Data 30 - 0.25" (6.4mm) characters
Number of Message Buffers Unlimited - Includes stamp and stencil messages in each buffer
Source of Message Data Host download or keyboard entry
Host Interface

Electrical............RS-232C standard, RS422 or Ethernet (optional)

Protocol.............InfoSight Extended, Siemens 3964R/RK512, Allen Bradley DF1, Cegelek ESP, GE CCM, Programmable, TCP/IP (via Ethernet only)

Modes of Operation Automatic and Manual (based on user’s needs and privilege – Operator Mode & Supervisor Mode)

Also available in PDF format
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice
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