Robotic Stamper

InfoSight designs and builds customized automated marking machines that can be integrated with robots to: 

  • Provide faster cycle times with a smaller footprint in the customer’s plant.  
  • Operate at temperatures from ambient to approximately 2000oF (1090oC).
  • Utilize InfoSight marking software, PLC control software, and the Robot software to create a marking system that integrates seamlessly into the customer’s process.  
  • Marking technologies available include: 
    • InfoDent® 8400 Stamping Systems
    • LabeLase® Direct Laser Marking 
    • Automated Taggers
    • Spray Marking Systems: I-Dent®, Drop on Demand (DOD), Color Banding, Bar Painting

Check out this demo video from 2021 AISTech.  


InfoDent® 8400 Stamping Systems

  • Custom ID8400 Marking Head can include multiple rows of pins. 
  • Designed for reliable operation in hot or cold marking applications 
  • Permanent, easy to read dot matrix characters using rapid fire, pneumatically-driven, conical tipped impact pins. 
  • Marks legibly on scaly surfaces & rough, curved, or uneven surfaces.
  • Suitable for marking metal products including plates, long products, tubes and pipes, and coils in severe environments. 


LabeLase® Direct Laser Marking

  • Customized InfoSight LabeLase® Laser Marking Systems print text, logos, and barcodes directly onto Steel Products.  
  • Applies a white patch that is marked by the laser.
  • Temperature range: ambient to 500oF (260oC), but may be modified for higher temperature products. 
  • Suitable for marking plates and tubes & pipes.  


Automatic Taggers

  • InfoSight’s Automatic Tagging Systems are designed to apply tags to stationary products such as slabs, beam blanks, bars, rounds, billets, blooms, plates, and coils.   
  • Automatic taggers have two sections: 
    • Tag Prep—prints, shears, and presets the tag to the applicator, 
    • Tag Applicator—transfers the tag to the product and attaches it via MIG or stud welding or nailing.  
  • InfoSight’s high powered industrial CO2 LabeLase® printers blacken the tag’s white surface, which allows reliable non-contact printing of large alphanumeric data, high quality barcodes, and logos.  
  • A robot would be integrated as the tag applicator.  


Spray Marking Systems

Any InfoSight spray marking technology may be integrated as an End of Arm Tool (EOAT) on a robot.


I-Dent® Marking Systems 

  • Utilize a non-contact multi-nozzle printhead, capable of producing a full range of upper case alphanumeric characters 3/4 to 6 inches  (19 to 150 mm) high.  
  • Recommended for high temperature (>500oF, 260oC) applications. 
  • Recommended for ambient temperature applications.


DOD systems 

  • Utilize a non-contact multi-nozzle printhead, capable of producing a full range of upper case alphanumeric characters 3/4 to 6 inches (19 to 150 mm) high.  
  • Integrate an economical OEM printhead
  • Recommended for ambient temperatures.  


Color Banding and Bar Painting Systems

  • Utilize a non-contact single nozzle, or multiple single nozzles, to create a band around or pattern on the end of a tube or pipe.  
  • Multiple EOAT’s can be utilized to create different color bands or patterns.  
  • Recommended for ambient temperatures.  



Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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