Automatic InfoTag® Billet Tagging System Model 2951

The InfoSight Model 2951 Automatic single-station Bar Tagging System for stationary bars, rounds, billets, blooms, etc. is the ideal bar code tag solution when it comes to MIG-welded tag identification of hot carbon steel bars with high contrast marking.  For high alloy and/or stainless steel production InfoSight offers tag attachment via Nail in lieu of MIG-welding.

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InfoTag® Billet Tagging System:

  • Ensures data accuracy and cost-effective, up-to-the-minute inventory status.
  • Utilizes commercially available scanning devices to read industry standard bar codes.
  • Track products throughout manufacturing processes.

Identify & Track Billets with Laser Marked tags:
   Variable Message Data (alphanumeric) & Logos marked directly on heat resistant stainless steel tags.
   Bar Codes:  Code 128 recommended for hot mill environments but DataMatrix, & Code 39 can also be marked.


  • Custom-engineered system design to match your mill geometry
  • Heavy-duty design for hot mill environments
  • Automatic mill download of tag information to be marked
  • State-of-the-art CO2 Laser-marking technology
  • Tag is designed for superior laser mark ability and mark survival after attachment to 2000°F (1100°C) hot steel
  • Redundant weld attachment of tags using two (2) MIG welder/wire feeder sets applying two (2) end welds to the tag
  • Alternative tag attachment via Nail for high alloy and/or stainless steel production
  • Tag bar codes can be scanned automatically downstream


Tag Application Single station system applies a high-temperature InfoTag® to one end-indexed bar at a time
Data Download The System accepts Mill Computer download of the information to be marked on the tag
User-programmable Printing The tag mark can contain text, bar codes and logos and the format is user-programmable
Automation The System performs automatic tag marking and tag application without Operator intervention, other than for minimal maintenance and replenishment of tags / welding wire
Variable Tag Sizes 1.25 in. x 4 in. (32mm x 104mm ) tag size is standard—other sizes are available
Tag Attachment Tag is securely attached with two (2) MIG welds at corners.  Tag bare edges provide secure weld attachment.
Temperature Limits Tag survives attachment to, and cool-down from 2000°F (1100°C) carbon steel
Tag Removal Tag is typically consumed in reheat
Automated Bar Code Reading Tag bar codes can be automatically read downstream using OptiCode® technology


Also available in PDF format
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice
InfoTag is a registered trademark of InfoSight Corporation