INFODENT® Single Bar Stamping System

The Single Bar Stamping System is an industrial identification stamping system that utilizes the InfoDent® ID8400 stamping head and is designed to quickly and permanently stamp variable message data onto the ends of hot or cold steel billets, blooms, rounds and beam blanks.

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Features - Automatic System

The InfoSight InfoDent® stamping system is the preferred heavy-duty stamping solution for dot-matrix stamped identification of steel mill products.

  • System was developed specifically for use in the Steel Industry where reliable operation under severe mill conditions is required
  • Stamping head extends/retracts on precision guide rods via air cylinder actuation
  • The heavy-duty X-Y positioning mechanism for stamping enables precise dot placement and repeatability
  • System is used for multi-pin stamping of ambient to hot products
  • Hot product stamping is possible up to 2,000F (1,100C) when optional head cooling and proper radiant heat shielding is used
  • Print permanent marks on rough or uneven surfaces - including torchcut surfaces
  • User-programmable font sizes
  • User-programmable font densities - 5x7, 7x9, 11x16 and more
  • Can stamp user-downloaded or keyboard-entered marking data
  • Print multiple lines of text in seconds - 6 seconds stamping time is typical for 2 lines of 1/2" (12mm) stamped text
  • Full cycle times (extend/stamp/retract) of 9 to 12 seconds are possible depending on the quantity of stamping
  • Different print cartridge configurations are offered according to the specific user application requirements



Stamping Head Mill duty design with precision X-Y positioning of cartridge and impact pins (internal in the Stamping Head).  Configurable with up to 21-Impact Pins
Impact Pins Many sizes, cone angles, and materials available.  Impact pins can be re-sharpened
Pin Cartridge Configurations Broad range of standard and custom pin cartridge configurations available (single row of pins or multiple rows of pins)
Electronics Power 120/220VAC, I/O Voltage 24VDC  (customer to specify)
Automated Machine Control Performed by the system PLC (Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi, Modicon, GE, as well as others). 
Level of Automation The System performs automatic marking a without Operator intervention, other than for minimal maintenance and periodic replacement if impact pin sets.
Operator Controls HMI or pushbutton/selectors switches allow plant floor personnel hands-on control over the automated system.
Communication Ethernet, Profibus, RS232C serial, InfoSight Extended Protocol, & USB
Air Pressure 100 psi (7 bar) recommended.  Reduced pressure results in reduced dot depth.  Refer to Air Amplifier option below
Air Consumption Stamping Head 1.0 SCFM at idle + 0.6SCFM per impact pin when marking.  Typical 8-pin configuration ~6SCFM

Additional Options

Impact Pins Choose from a variety of pin sizes and materials for your specific application (tool steel, powdered steel and carbide pins are available)
 Air Amplifier  To boost plant air pressure for stamping
 Air Cooling  Air-cooling of the stamping head enclosure with Vortec cooler for hot installations
 High and Over Temp Outputs  Head temperature outputs for hot installations


Also available in PDF format.
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice
InfoDent is a registered trademark of InfoSight Corporation