Automatic Slab Tagging System

The InfoSight model KE2900 Automatic Single Station Slab Tagging System for stationary slabs is the ideal barcode tag solution for MIG-welded tag identification of hot carbon steel slabs with high-contrast marking.

InfoDent® mark on billet end

The ID8400 model InfoDent® marking system is a programmable heavy duty system that was designed specifically for hot or cold marking applications in the steel industry where reliable operation under severe conditions is an absolute requirement.

INFODENT® Single Bar Stamping System

The Single Bar Stamping System is an industrial identification stamping system that utilizes the InfoDent® ID8400 stamping head and is designed to quickly and permanently stamp variable message data onto the ends of hot or cold steel billets, blooms, rounds and beam blanks.

Info-Tagger® Automatic Coil Tagging

Many mills throughout the world are turning to automated equipment to do their identification. Until now, there has been no reliable system to automatically print and apply high quality bar coded tags to hot slabs, thereby reducing man-hours.

FlagTag™ Metal Tag for Hot Billets

InfoSight's Model 2951 FlagTag™ Metal Tag Marker and Applicator uses a moving, focused CO2 laser beam to darken the pre-coated (white) tag surface to produce high definition black characters, bar codes, or even logos. The text and bar code data is downloaded from the host computer or entered from an operator terminal. The resultant tag is then automatically sheared and mig welded to slabs, billets or blooms.

LabeLase® System for Forged Steel Components

InfoSight Corporation has developed new technology for direct laser marking of automotive components with high contrast bar codes and text messages.

Barcodes on metal plate edges

In as low as 6 seconds, the plate edge is referenced and labeled with a mark that is suitable for manual or automatic identification of stacked plates.

I-Dent® Spray Marking System

The I-Dent® Spray Marking System from InfoSight Corporation offers a practical and cost effective alternative to manually stenciling products in an industrial environment.

The I-Dent® Marking System utilizes a non-contact multi-nozzle Printhead which is capable of producing a full range of upper case alphanumeric characters 3/4 to 6 inches high.

Weigh Measure Stencil System

Performs automatic weighing, length measurement, stamping, stenciling, color-banding and pipe tally reporting of steel pipe or tubular products